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Khwabinyayire nabi balebe mwesi!

Dear Fellow Bagisu:

The website has been set up for Bamasaba, with contributions to the website by Bamasaba to serve the interests of the Bamasaba and Bugisu at large. So, if you are a Mumasaba or an offspring of the same, it is your responsibility to contribute, verify, correct, criticize and enhance the website to be your mirror on a global scene.

It is high time, that we study, report, collect, preserve data on ourselves, by ourselves to serve us and our offspring to come years from now. There has been a lot of biased literature about us by authors who were serving the interests of others.

The site has been setup to avail accessibility, proximity and easiness to major facts that will invoke, provoke and activate the senses with distinctive competencies and capabilities within our folks. It is high time to think as entrepreneurs, as leaders, responsive to local and global changes, and have a steady preparedness.

As we enter the 21st century, technological development in communication has eased the burden of ignorance, eroded communication monopoly and hence control by those who had access to information. As you may all note, information is power in itself, and those who were equipped with it manipulated the rest to dance to their tunes. It has happened for so long. Let's make it stop now by seeking, searching and equipping ourselves with information.

One major setback in most of Africa is the lack of people putting their acts, thoughts, and knowledge in writing. Lots of high IQ, genius people have passed away with all they had. It can never be traced or utilized by others, even their relatives. Let us reverse this trend for the sake of our young ones and for the good of all humanity.

Fellow Bamasaba, take advantage of this media and reinvent, reinvest and develop yourself, then develop others through sharing information. Lastly, you should know that "None of us is as strong and good as ALL of US"

Richard Mabonga Namisano
Editor in Chief

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